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Days of Thunder!

Second Appendix J of International Sporting Code.

In the beginning of 1970, the FIA wanted to restart their sleeping GT/GTS racing class and Second Appendix J of International Sporting Code was born. De Tomaso had just start production his third GT road car, the Pantera (1970-1996). His first offering was the Vallelunga (1965-1966) and second was Mangusta (1967-1971).

De Tomaso wanted the same publicity for the new car and so he started develop a race version of Pantera 874A (the A stands for 'Allegerita', or 'light'). De Tomaso required that all of the European De Tomaso dealers must purchase a GR4 Pantera. The Grand Touring Special (GTS) car class or Group 4 (GR4) regulations state that a manufacturer must produce a least 100 road cars to meet their requirements. On 01.01.1972 the Pantera GR4 was ready to race.

The Grand Touring Cars class (GT) or Group 3 (GR3) had a 1000 road cars limit and on 1/7/1972 Pantera 874 (GR3) was also ready to race.

De Tomaso also transformed standard Panteras to the GR3 specification. It was also possible for owners to buy all GR3 parts and modify their own standard (L, GTS) Pantera to the GR3 specification. I think there are “many” cars that were modified by the racing teams or importers to GR3 specification. Many were also modified later to GR4 and/or GR5 spec.

Inside information!

Mr. Giorgio Montagnani the director of De Tomaso Automobili S.p.A until 1988, told a Swedish Pantera owner that De Tomaso produced 36 GR.3 Pantera.

10 of these 36 GR.3 Pantera were what De Tomaso factory called 'Race Pantera' 6 of the 10 'Race Pantera' was made for track racing and 4 for rally.

Mr. Montagnani also tell that De Tomaso made a few white GR.3 Pantera that would be 'factory competition Pantera'…

My Gr.3 Pantera VIN 7395 was white new and had a sponsor agreement with De Tomaso Automobili.

All this shall have come from Mr. Montagnani, Mr. Montagnani was director at the DeTomaso factory until 1988...

But De Tomaso factory has never competed with Pantera. When Piers Courage died in a DeTomaso F1 505 at Dutch Grand Prix 1970, ended Alejandro de Tomaso instantly with all factory racing.Instead they "hired" private race team, to do the job, they got most likely good prices on race Pantera and parts. The factory did so with GR4 Pantera also...

A Real Genuine GR3 Machine!

My car #7395. It matches well with the information available, and therefore, I know I have a real genuine GR3 Pantera chassis, built by the factory to the GR3 Pantera specification.

Click on My GR3 #7395 links button on top of the page, and read more about my GR3 Pantera #7395!


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European Hill Climb Champion!
With Marco Capoferri in 1975!




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