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According DeTomaso archive transformed DeTomaso at least 11 standard Pantera to GR3 specification!

DeTomaso tranformd also ordinary Pantera to GR3 specifications.
Then everyone could buy GR3 equipment, they could choose which parts/quipment they wanted and transformed their own Pantera to GR3 specifications. It is exactly the same parts/equipment, so it is very difficult (impossible?) to tell them apart...

I can't see the difference between them today, if everything is done right...

Click on GR3 Pantera button and read about the real GR3 Pantera!


DeTomaso transformed ordinary Pantera to GR3 Pantera!

VIN Model Colors Year First owner Country Notes
1070 Black 1972 Auto Club Roma Italy more info!
3866 1973 Italy
4079 GTS Silver 1972 Italy
4831 GTS Red 1/73 Modena Sport Car Switzerland
4944 Yellow 1973 Wicky* For Kurt Roth Switzerland more info!
5006 Green 1973 Claude Duboris* Belgium
5495 1973
5512 1973
5632 Red 1973 Italy
6174 GTS Yellow 1974 Italy more info!
7400 GTS White 1975 Achilli Motors* Italy more info!

*DeTomaso concessionaire
That gives us 12 ordinary Pantera that DeTomaso transformed to GR3 specification!

If you see something wrong with this list,please let me know!

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    Pantera #4831 is moved to tranformd to GR3 because of typing error.
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Do you want to be seen with a car that is guaranteed turn heads?

A real European Hill Climb Champion!!

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European Hill Climb Champion!
With Marco Capoferri in 1975!


I need your help!

If you know anything about!
  1. Pantera #7395.
  2. Marco Capoferri GR3 Pantera.
  3. PRO Comet Srl Milano.
  4. European Championship for Grand Touring Cars 1975.
  5. European Hill Climb Championship 1975.
  6. Italy Championship for Grand Touring Cars 1975.
  7. Italy Hill Climb Championship 1975

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